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Tracking Down and Restricting High-Bandwidth Hosts on a Cisco Network

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Dave Lincoln [fa icon="calendar'] August 10, 2015 [fa icon="tags'] Cisco, Networking

Assume that you have a branch office reporting connectivity issues/slowness but your organization does not have realtime monitoring tools (such as SolarWinds NetFlow Analyzer) which can help you quickly narrow down the culprit. We will discuss how to identify which hosts are moving the most traffic and go over how (if desired) to locate a host on your network and disable or limit its connection.

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Creating a Recurring Email in Windows Server 2008 Using Exchange 2010

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Dave Lincoln [fa icon="calendar'] September 30, 2013 [fa icon="tags'] Microsoft, Microsoft Exchange, How To Guide, Microsoft Windows

On occasion, an organization may have a need to send a recurring email. In the case of one of our customers, there was a need to send a weekly notice to users that patches would be applied to the terminal servers overnight with a friendly reminder to save any work. To set this up is really quite simple. Here is how:

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Running a Root Shell in Ubuntu 13.04

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Dave Lincoln [fa icon="calendar'] September 30, 2013 [fa icon="tags'] Linux

A little over a year and a half ago, a fellow engineer wrote an article for Enabling the Root Password in Ubuntu 11.10 (instead of using sudo). The article was geared towards providing a convenient way to run root commands in a shell without the need to constantly type “sudo” at the beginning of every command.

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