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CO Privacy Law SmartStart Workshop

Is your business in compliance with the new Colorado Protections for Consumer Data Privacy LAW?

Let us help you roadmap a Personal Identifying Information (PII) disposal policy.

On September 1, 2018, Colorado signed a bill (HB 1128) into law that will require the most restrictive data breach notification timelines in the world. As part of this Protections for Consumer Data Privacy Act, Colorado businesses are now required to have a written policy for the destruction or disposal of all personal information once it is no longer needed. The law also requires the company to notify all affected Colorado residents no later than 30 days after the date of determination that a security breach occurred.

With our low-cost, one-day Colorado Privacy Law SmartStart Workshop, you'll get:

  • An expert led workshop on the new Colorado Protections for the Consumer Data Privacy Act.
  • A roadmap plan of what needs to be accomplished for full compliance.
  • Written policies for your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Disposal Policy, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Policy and Breach Notification Policy.
  • Can be hosted at your location our ours.

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