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Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

It only takes one end user clicking a phishing email or with an easy to guess password to put your entire network at risk.

lewan cyber security workshopThe security of your organization’s systems and data is dependent on the people that use them.

The reality is that the hackers looking to compromise your environment are getting bolder and smarter. They are counting on your user base slipping up and letting them in.

It is imperative that end users understand what a cyber threat is and the risks associated with them. Lewan’s End User Security Awareness Workshops introduce your staff to day-to-day threats that occur in the workplace.

As an advanced managed security service provider, we are up to date on the latest social hacking methods.

Schedule one of our security experts to host a private one-hour onsite cyber security awareness session today.

  • Validated participation and attendance list.
  • Encourage security culture – your user group will engage in peer-to-peer conversations related to security. Peer to peer validation starts happening. They check up on each other!
  • Your user group will understand best practices.
  • Audit trail of attendees and education methods.