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Sign Up for Automated Meter Collection

Eliminate the hassle of manually collecting meter readings.

Let our eMetering tool do the work for you.

man-relaxing-not-manually-collecting-meter-readsNot that we don't love hearing from you, but you have more important things to do than call in meter reads. Like running your business. Or taking back a few minutes of your day to just relax.

It's simple to install, FREE and secure.

How the App Works:

  1. We install the app on your company’s server and a range of IP addresses are entered to identify all networked printers, copiers and MFP’s.
  2. As new printers are added or removed, they will automatically be discovered and added or deleted from your meter readings.
  3. The app generates a meter report at designated intervals and sends it directly to us.

Worried about security? The app is 100% HIPAA compliant and completely secure. We'll walk you through all the protocols before installing anything.