Effective workflow solutions to improve business processes.

Streamline document workflows, get the most out of your hardware and improve document security by implementing affordable and easy-to-use software applications. Our team will blueprint your business’ flow of information and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Then recommend the right software and services mix to fit your needs while improving efficiency and automating the way you handle documents.

Document Scanning

Scan, convert and route digital documents to streamline information management. Your end users can quickly, easily and securely share hardcopy information without printing actual hard copies. Scanning solutions can scan to PDF, email, document management software, CRM, ERP, financial and legal applications, PC, FTP sites and network folders.

  • OCR scanning. Create a searchable pdf with OCR text recognition. An OCR PDF can be quickly found in a content management system or convert pdf to text for an editable Word file.
  • Advanced Zonal OCR, OMR, ICR. Using intelligent scanning, the software will learn your document structure, capture and extract important information.
  • Document security. Scan documents to digital files to backup file hard copies if they are thrown out, misfiled, or worse—lost in a fire or flood.
  • Regulatory compliance. Create audit trail of document handling to ensure compliance in heavily regulated industries like banking, healthcare, government, legal and finance.
  • Document tracking. Authenticate users to allow access then track and send notification emails after a document is saved to a destination.

Printer Network Security and Access Control

Track employee printing, reduce costs and keep data secure.

  • Guide printing behavior. Set up rules based printing to redirect jobs to low-cost devices, limit color to reduce printing costs, make duplex printing default to save paper and more.
  • Badge scanning for access control. Integrate with your existing ID badge system to authenticate printer features that need to be tracked for accounting, compliance or regulatory requirements.
  • Track printer usage. Administrators can limit the number of jobs a user can perform and track activity at a user or department level.
  • Securely print sensitive documents. When sending a job users can and enter a unique PIN. Jobs are stored at the device until the user enters that same PIN to release them, preventing unauthorized viewing of hard copies left or forgotten at the printer.
  • Enhance network security and data encryption. Protect network printers from unauthorized remote access to confidential documents.

Digital Document Management

Digitally store, organize and share your business' documents with an affordable, easy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solution. An ECM solution will streamline the flow of information in your business by capturing, managing, sharing and protecting your paper and digital content in one central location.

Features include collaboration, version control, document check-in/out, threaded discussions, audit and screen capture, information lookup in DDM, content submission via email,  and high-performance imaging.

  • Secure access to documents from any location, 24/7.
  • Upgrades and expanded use with scalability features to add more users and store more content.
  • Easy-to-deploy, requiring little to no IT support and no additional hardware or software.
  • Intuitive web-based interface requires little to no training.

B2C Marketing

  • Variable data printing. Automate the production of personalized print communications and multi-channel marketing for a greater return on investment. We can help you find the right solution, like XMPie, PrintShop Mail or DirectSmile to achieve 36% higher response rates through highly targeted, relevant direct mailings.
  • Web to print digital storefront. Offer your customers online ordering with a digital storefront with personalization and automation features. Customers and employees can order printed materials from anywhere, at any time and from any platform.

eFax & Fax Cloud

By deploying a Fax over IP (FoIP) or cloud fax server solution to fax-enable your multifunction printers, you eliminate monthly line charges, wiring costs, and the need for any specialized telephony equipment while fully leveraging the IP network you already have in place.

  • Eliminate the operational cost of installing and maintaining analog lines, wiring, specialized PBX hardware, and analog telephone adapters.
  • Maintain the required audit trials for regulatory compliance laws including HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Unlike traditional fax machines and MFPs that only record transaction data, eFax captures an actual copy of the document and the identity of the sender.
  • Automatically route faxes to the right person using the inbound DID or other data. Faxes are sent directly to the designated device for printing or delivered via email.
  • Hold incoming faxes securely on the server, where they can be accessed using a web client, or from any networked MFP once the recipient has securely logged in.
  • Minimize the need for training by accessing fax functions from the same common, intuitive user interface your end users are already familiar with. Users can access these same powerful features when using PCs, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones.

Mobile Printing

It’s never been easier to print from iPad, tablets, smartphones or any other email-enabled device. Your employees can send print jobs on the go without needing to download and install drivers.
  • Support BYOD Users. No need to be connected to a network or download drivers. Print from phone or tablet to any network printer, whether you're out and about or simply in another part of your building.
  • How to Print from Tablet or Phone. No app is needed to print, simply email your job to the printer from any email-enabled device. Or print from iPad or iPhone app to Airprint printers, use Google cloud print or other brands’ mobile printing apps.