Make printing easier by letting Lewan's managed print solutions optimize and service your fleet of desktop printers.

Managing your company’s printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines is not only time consuming, but costly. Let our print management team worry about it for you. Our managed print services go beyond the typical cost-per-print program from other print management companies that provide just toner and break/fix for your printers.

We build a true print management solutions platform by implementing a targeted strategy for improving processes and increasing efficiencies. Through a combination of customer support and software infrastructure, Lewan provides monitoring for all networked printers, addressing issues proactively before they affect end users.

  • Take control of untracked expenses. By understanding your print technology, usage patterns and cost, our team of specialists will work with you to find ways to improve efficiency and quality, while reducing the cost of printing.
  • Predictable printing. Budget proactively with Lewan’s fixed cost program that includes toner, parts and labor, supported by a service level agreement.
  • Auto toner delivery. Eliminate the hassle of an overflowing supply closet and time spent chasing down supplies. We’ll automatically deliver the right toner, to the right place, at the right time for most networked printers.
  • Unburden your IT team. Our program takes the burden of managing desktop printers off your IT team, while developing a roadmap for printing optimization.
  • Consolidated reports. Advanced reporting tools integrate all print related data into a single report that includes data by device, user, department and cost.
  • Reduce waste. Reinforce green printing policies by setting rules to minimize color usage, default duplex printing or drive jobs to the lowest cost device.