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CommVault Simpana 10 SP9 Released

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Mike Garner [fa icon="calendar"] January 30, 2015

Amid the holiday season you might have missed the Service Pack 9 release from CommVault so here's a reminder, it's out. And if you're in a XenServer shop, it's likely a worthwhile upgrade. A big complaint of our customers was the discontinued XenServer support in earlier service pack levels of v10. Well, it's back. You always had the option to deploy in-guest agents but in SP9 the Virtual Server Agent supports the XenServer hypervisor so you can capture full VM images. Based on the excitement I saw coming out of Citrix's XenServer 6.5 announcements earlier this month, I think it's a good call to bring support for this platform into CommVault again.

Another feature I'm excited for is the Live Sync Replication of Virtual Machines. This feature is still considered "Early Release" but I'm excited all the same. With Live Sync, you'll be able to leverage your CV infrastructure to replicate VM's from one site to another. These features exist within vSphere and other 3rd party tools but it'll be great to have all your data protection tools within one pane of glass with CommVault.

Read more about SP9 features here: http://documentation.commvault.com/commvault/v10/others/new_features/newsletters/newsletter_sp9.pdf

If you're ready for an upgrade, drop us a line as we can help speed you through the process. If you're running v9 or v8, we can help you validate that the rest of your environment is ready for the leap to v10.

Mike Garner
Written by Mike Garner

Mike is Lewan's Director of Consulting Services.

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