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How to fix Microsoft Hyper-V Error: "The Session was disconnected."

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by John Certeza [fa icon="calendar'] October 5, 2015 [fa icon="tags'] Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows

With my recent switch to Microsoft Hyper-V for virtualizing my work desktop (Windows 10 guest on Windows 10 host), I've come across the following error when resuming my virtual machine and attempting to login:

"The session was disconnected.  If you want to continue, try to connect again.  If the problem persists, contact your system administrator. 

Would you like to reconnect?"

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Why is a smaller number of virtual CPUs better?

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Doug Oakes [fa icon="calendar'] April 8, 2015 [fa icon="tags'] Virtualization, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V

Note: This article is designed to serve as a high level introduction to the topic and as such uses a very basic explanation. Papers for those that wish to dive into more technical details of the topic are available elsewhere.

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VMTurbo, a unique way to better control your virtualized environments

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Scott Pelletier [fa icon="calendar'] January 12, 2015 [fa icon="tags'] VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V

Been trying out this VMTurbo stuff and it's definitely a unique approach versus traditional systems management. It's more actionable and automated versus telling me a bunch of information that I would have to decipher and deal with. Both approaches have merit but it depends on how you'd like to control your virtualization environment that makes the difference. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts.
What Is Control Watch Video
Why You Need Control Watch Video
How We Give Control Watch Video

Give it a try: VMTurbo Download

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Windows Server 2012 Licensing - a quick reminder

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Mike Garner [fa icon="calendar'] July 29, 2013 [fa icon="tags'] Virtualization, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, VMware vSphere

This came up recently for a customer and while it's not new news, I thought a quick reminder would be useful. There are a few key points to remember about licensing of Windows Server 2012 in server virtualization projects, these rules apply to XenServer, VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, etc.:

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BIOS Settings for Hyper-V Role in Windows 8 on Lenovo W-Series

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar'] June 30, 2013 [fa icon="tags'] Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft

Recently I upgraded to Windows 8 on my Lenovo W510 in order to setup a virtual lab in Hyper-V. Hoping to save others the frustration I experienced during BIOS configuration, I thought I'd share the Intel hardware virtualization settings necessary for the role. The order that settings are made and complete power downs after certain settings changes are significant. Don't save time with warm boots!

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Cisco AnyConnect vs. Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 8

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar'] June 2, 2013 [fa icon="tags'] Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, Cisco

Having recently installed Windows 8 on my laptop to take advantage of the Client Hyper-V, I'm working through the kinks that come with a new OS on my daily driver. Hyper-V leverages the built-in Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to provide NAT and DHCP for internet access for VM's running on the hypervisor. This isn't quite as intuitive as the network implementations in VMware Workstation or Oracle's VirtualBox, but that's a different discussion.

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Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 client update

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar'] March 6, 2010 [fa icon="tags'] Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows

Microsoft KB article for RDP 7.0 for Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 and Vista SP2.

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Microsoft Desktop Licensing in a Virtual Environment (VDI)

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar'] August 7, 2009 [fa icon="tags'] Virtualization, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows

We've already posted some useful info on licensing servers for a virtual environment, but we also get the question a lot of how virtualization changes licensing for hosted desktop (aka VDI) environments. Well, here are some very useful links.

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Microsoft Virtualization Calculators and VMware Calculators

[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar'] July 13, 2009 [fa icon="tags'] VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows

Here are some very useful calculator links that we show many of our customers on the benefits of virtualization.

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