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4 Managed Print Services Trends for 2016

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Michael Carroll [fa icon="calendar"] March 1, 2016


As we settle into 2016, print management solutions continue to change the way businesses are thinking about printing. Here are four key trends to consider as you evaluate your printing and document workflow strategy for the new year.

1. Buying an inkjet printer is like buying a razor.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a big multifunction device or copier. You’re probably going to do plenty of research and solicit multiple bids, scrutinizing the financial details of the acquisition as well as the long term cost of operation.

But what about buying a small desktop inkjet printer? You likely don't even question the cost because it is so minimal up front, maybe just a few hundred dollars.

That little printer though is like buying a new razor at the store. The razor handle costs next to nothing, but over the lifetime of that handle, you're going to spend 100x more on the cost of replacement razor blades.

So while buying inexpensive inkjet printers for employees might seem like a nominal expense, the true cost of operation, ink expenses, and it's short life span can become a money pit.

Working with a managed print services provider like Lewan makes it easy for businesses to become more efficient, improve quality and reduce costs. For example, mapping and implementing the consolidation of inkjets or upgrades to laser printers.

2. 50% of walk up tasks on multifunction devices are to scan - not to make copies.

We've seen is a real change the way employees are using multifunction devices (MFD's) today. Organizations are using MFD’s as on-ramps to scan documents into CRM software and ERP systems, rather than to make copies to file away in a cabinet.

Building the right document workflows and organizational structure behind a scanning solution is critical. Our team can build and support a strategy right-sized for any organization, whether you’re scanning to PDF, email, document management software, CRM, ERP, financial and legal applications, PC, FTP sites or network folders.

3. 25% of color printing is web pages.

What many organizations don't realize is the cost of printing in color is 5x to 8x the cost of printing in black and white. Understanding when color is being printed can lead to significant cost savings by putting printing rules into place like defaulting printing from the internet to black and white.

A managed print services provider like Lewan can map, track and assess these statistics and develop an awareness or print governance plan to reduce wasteful color printing.

4. Awareness can be a great agent for change.

When we talk to organizations about implementing a managed print program, sometimes all they hear is that we’re going to change the way they print, which garners resistance. Managed print isn’t about disruption, it’s about bringing awareness to teams to help them understand the environmental impact, security risks and costs associated with printing. When employees become intellectually and emotionally aware of the impact of their habits, change occurs.

Lewan has established itself as a leading managed print service provider in the Rocky Mountain region because first we take an employee-minded approach to printing and content distribution then we tie it all together into a holistic strategy focused as much on employee efficiency as cost savings.

Not sure where to start, or how to build the right strategy for your business? That's where we come in. Stay focused on running your business, not your printers. Let our team of Managed Print Specialists build a printer management strategy that will save you money and improve the efficiency of your employees. Contact Us for a free assessment and recommendations.

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Michael Carroll
Written by Michael Carroll

Michael brings 20 years of experience to Lewan. Joining the team as a graphic communications specialist 11 years ago, his contagious positivity and passion for the business quickly developed into a leadership role, giving Michael the opportunity to instill his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of production and managed print solutions in his team. Michael graduated with a BA from Bowling Green State University.

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