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Do I Need a Managed Print Services Program?

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Michael Carroll [fa icon="calendar"] August 24, 2017

Why are managed print services (MPS) valuable to an organization? 

Let’s be honest, tracking printer and copier spend isn’t usually at the top of most organizations priority list. Printers and printing resources like toner and paper are often thrown in the “corporate junk drawer” of expenses and usage. However, what businesses don’t realize, is this can account for significant untracked costs and resources.

As a managed print services provider, we look at things that most businesses aren’t.

Take for example employee to printer ratios. We’ve seen this ratio as high as 1:1 or one printer for every employee. There’s a lot of expense associated with that.

Imagine how quickly these costs and resource add up:

  • Power requirements.
  • The labor cost to have IT manage printer installs, drivers and troubleshooting.
  • The cost to buy toner and manage inventory.
  • The labor cost of processing invoices for the acquisition of printers and supplies.
  • The cost to service and repair printers.

Conversely, we’ve also seen the employee to printer ratio as high as 50:1. In that case, you’re facing challenges relating to productivity when employees have to wait in line to print, copy and scan.

In either case, the reason organizations choose an MPS provider is to optimize the “how” “why” and “where” in an office to reduce costs and increase productivity of employees, freeing them up to do other things that are critical to business.

Typically, implementing a managed print services program costs the same or less than it currently does to support your printer fleet, and you’re gaining insight into usage as well as additional benefits. The average cost savings is 10 to 25%.

What doesn an MPS program include?

At a basic level, it’s toner for your desktop printers and a service agreement that covers repairs when they break. What you also get is visibility in to how the printers are being used and the true cost of printing.

Most organizations don't pay much attention to how printers are used or what they cost. In fact, it's one of the least audited expenses in business today. With an MPS program we bring visibility into that usage and find opportunities to right-size printer fleets. That means striking a balance between under and over utilized devices to guide employees to print to the right device with the best quality at the lowest possible cost.

Using our Lewan 360App, we can help drive your end users to the right device.

How do organizations benefit from managed print services?

Time. We give time back to an organization by supporting their printers for them, so they can stay focused on managing their business.

Cost. In most cases, the amount an organization is spending on toner alone is the equivalent or more than the cost of a managed print program that includes toner AND service AND proactive monitoring and reporting.

Efficiency. A managed print services provider like Lewan technology will assess and understand usage to identify opportunities to print more efficiently. We look for ways to help organizations actually print less through the electronic distribution of content to increase productivity and streamline document workflow.

Request a Free Print Assessment

Let our team of Managed Print Specialists build a print management solutions strategy that will save you money and improve the efficiency of your employees. An analyst will map your current print environment, provide a comprehensive usage trends report with metrics and present an immediate plan of action and long-term strategy to print more efficiently and less. Contact Us for a free assessment and recommendations.

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Michael Carroll
Written by Michael Carroll

Michael brings 20 years of experience to Lewan. Joining the team as a graphic communications specialist 11 years ago, his contagious positivity and passion for the business quickly developed into a leadership role, giving Michael the opportunity to instill his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of production and managed print solutions in his team. Michael graduated with a BA from Bowling Green State University.

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