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Nimble Storage Announces New All Flash Array Series + 2 Upcoming Events

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Mike Garner [fa icon="calendar"] February 26, 2016

Nobody likes to wait. And time spent waiting for an application to respond is, at best, wasted staff time, and at worst, lost revenue or lost customers. To meet this demand for high performance, always-on infrastructures, one of the most exciting partnerships we’re able to offer our clients is Nimble Storage.

Our customers already rave about the simplicity and performance Nimble has brought to their infrastructures with hybrid storage arrays, and now this week, Nimble has announced a new family of storage arrays built with only flash drives, the Predictive All Flash Array (AFA).

All that's important is not the infrastructure, and not who's managing it or how it works, or whether it's in the cloud or not in the cloud. It's when I press a button on this screen, or this keyboard here, how long something's taking to happen on my screen - that's what they're really interested in.
- Mark Lazarus, Nimble Storage Director of Technology Asia Pacific and Japan (ZDNet)

The hybrid storage arrays that Nimble offers already have unmatched performance, capacity and price for a wide range of workloads. Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL), the file system in all of Nimble’s arrays, is optimized to efficiently leverage flash to bring flash-like performance to 7,200 RPM drives.

So why is an all flash array needed? There remain some workloads in our data centers that need predictable, low latency performance and this is where the AFA shines. It’s not just about swapping HDD's for SSD's though. We need tools, analytics, high capacities, efficient scaling and non-stop operations. Leveraging all of the advancements Nimble has brought to the market with their adaptive flash (aka hybrid) arrays and the InfoSight platform combined with new advancements in flash technologies will let us bring the awesomeness of Nimble Storage to even more customers and workloads.

Looking for industry leading cost, performance and capacity? The adaptive flash arrays are a great fit.

Need predictable, low latency performance for every single I/O? it’s time to give the new Nimble Storage all flash array a look.

The new all flash array offers the following:

  • Predictable performance for the most demanding, low latency applications.
  • Efficient deduplication and compression combined with high capacity 3D NAND drives providing industry leading all flash scalability.
  • Consistency of management tools, predictive analytics from InfoSight, and interoperability with Nimble’s adaptive flash arrays - making introducing these systems into your infrastructure a breeze.

Source: Nimble Storage

If you’re a Nimble customer or just aren’t one yet, we've partnered to bring you two great events next week. Please join us!

Nimble All Flash Launch Party

Join us for lunch with Nimble Storage founder Varun Mehta and hear about the ways to accelerate, scale and deliver a lower total cost of ownership all-flash platform in your data centers.

Del Frisco's Steakhouse, Greenwood Village, CO
Wednesday, March 2nd, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

 Details and RSVP 

Nimble University Accreditation Course

NTS-2001-I: Nimble Introduction and Administration (Formerly NIOP) instructor led course. Learn how to perform common management tasks and system monitoring. Registration fee waived!

Lewan Technology, Denver, CO
Thursday, March 3rd, 2016, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

 Details and RSVP 

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Mike Garner
Written by Mike Garner

Mike is Lewan's Director of Consulting Services.

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