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On-Demand Webinar: New Year, New Options for Desktop Virtualization

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Allie Perry [fa icon="calendar"] February 3, 2016

Lewan Technology and our partners AppSense, Citrix, and Unidesk bring unique value to desktop virtualization projects. But how do they integrate to ensure your are scaling the difficult "mountains" of VDI?

Find out how to make desktop and application virtualization simple, fast, flexible and secure:

  • Deliver any Windows app without the limitations, difficulties or isolation issues of application virtualization.
  • Assign apps to VMs without installation using application layering - which Gartner says is the best way to deliver apps in VDI.
  • Provide personalization that will make every user happy.
  • Supply a high performance user experience over different connections.
Webinar is presented by Lewan Solutions Architect Kenneth Fingerlos.

Download VDI Challenges Webinar

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Read more about User Environment Management in this free eBook:

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Contact Us to arrange a demonstration and a consultation to determine which desktop virtualization solution is best for your organization. Our team is 100% local in Denver, serving Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.


Topics: Virtualization, Citrix, AppSense, Unidesk

Allie Perry
Written by Allie Perry

Allie is Lewan's marketing director and blog manager. She keeps blog readers updated on the latest news, events, and achievements for the organization.

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