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Xerox Announcement - Xerox MFDs Support AirPrint!

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] June 12, 2013

Xerox Announced that the following controller codes will enable the Xerox MFDs to be able to receive AirPrint jobs:

•WorkCentre 72XX Series: 071.xxx.xxx.044yy or 071.xxx.xxx.064yy
•WorkCentre 78XX Series: 071.xxx.xxx.044yy or 071.xxx.xxx.064yy
•WorkCentre 58XX Series: 071.xxx.xxx.054yy or 071.xxx.xxx.064yy
•ColorQube 8700.8900: 071.xxx.xxx.093yy
•ColorQube 9300 Series: 071.xxx.xxx.054yy or 071.xxx.xxx.064yy

AirPrint is Apple’s driverless printing technology. It enables Apple devices including the
iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and even Mac® OS X® to print to AirPrint-enabled devices, without installing drivers or downloading software.

To use AirPrint, you will need one of the following devices with the latest version of iOS:
• iPad (all models)
• iPhone (3GS or later)
• iPod touch (3rd generation or later)
• OS X 10.6 and above

AirPrint is enabled on Xerox devices by default. If, however, AirPrint has been disabled on the
Xerox device, an administrator can re-enable it following the steps below:
• You will need the device IP address or DNS name to access the AirPrint configuration web
interface from your browser. You can find the IP address at the device UI screen. From the
front panel in the device, go to the Machine Status menu and select the Machine
Information tab. The IP address will be shown on this page or you can select
Informational Pages button and select and print the configuration report.
• Open the Xerox®
device’s web interface by entering the IP address of the Xerox®
into a web browser’s address box (http://<IP>). This will open the web interface.
• Click on the Properties tab (enter credentials if prompted: default administrative user is:
admin, password: 1111).
• Select Connectivity > Setup. This will bring up the Connectivity page in the right frame.
• Under Protocols look for AirPrint.

Select Edit on the AirPrint row.
• This will open the AirPrint configuration page.

On the AirPrint page, under Protocol Settings, check the box under Protocol next to Enabled.
Note: HTTP, IPP and mDNS all need to be enabled and configured for AirPrint to be enabled.

Configure a Device Name, Device Location and Geographic Location. These attributes distinguish the AirPrint printer as seen from the Apple iOS application.

From the Apple iOS device, select something to print (such as an email or a photo). You can print these Apple iOS applications: iBooks, Mail, iPhoto and Safari. You can initiate printing by selecting the Action icon (i.e. box with right faxing arrow) at the bottom / top of the application. Then tap the Print button to print via AirPrint. If there is not Print option, the application does not support AirPrint. You then choose Printer and choose the AirPrint printer you want to print to, choose copy numbers, double sided printing, paper selection, page range, then tap the Print button.

Lewan Solutions
Written by Lewan Solutions

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