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Nuance Scan to PC Desktop - scanning, editing and securing a document

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] November 25, 2013

Often we run into an issue where we have a PDF, TIFF, or some other imaged document and we want to make it searchable, editable and able to be converted into a working format so documents can be collaborated on. We want to take a fax, a piece of printed material or a whole document that is in paper and scan it in and convert it to a version that can be edited.

Nuance's Scan to PC Desktop is such an application that is very cost affordable and also allows for this and much more functionality. I recently received a sales order from a sales representative at Lewan, scanned the sales order in, edited one field and then sent it back to that sales representative to email to a customer. Took me a matter of a minute. If the sales representative had to type the entire document over again it would have taken 10 minutes to do. Save time, time is money and the more productive we are, the better we bring value to our organizations.


Scan to PC Desktop is a great tool that has many options to additional things. Features include:

1. Personalize Scanning back to your PC

2. Route paper documents with the push of a single button

3. Edit, assemble, change the order of the pages in a document

4. Create documents

5. Edited PDF Files

6. Scan in paper documents and then edit them into a searchable PDF file for additional editing

7. Create fillable forms from scanned forms, or static PDF Forms

8. Security around documents, password protect the document

9. Redact (Black or White-Out) or Highlight document information

10. Add video files to your PDF

11. Add notes, annotations, stamps, watermarks and Bates Stamps to documents

As you can see, you can do a lot with a document manipulation software like Nuance's Scan to PC Desktop for Xerox.

Lewan Solutions
Written by Lewan Solutions

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