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Planet Press GoFormz - Taking Paper to Paperless a reality!

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] February 17, 2014

Ever since I joined this industry, no going on 18 years, I have heard about the paperless office. Many organizations have tried to do this over the past 20 years. It was over 60 year now since the Xerographic process was invested. The back office has always had paper for invoices, sales order, pick and pack slips, labels, reports, shipping labels, but when the internet caught on in business, the explosion of paper really began. Companies are looking for more and more ways to help reduce paper and toner consumption to help drive the cost down in the process of doing business. Many companies are looking to use those clever little smart phones and tablets that Apple and Samsung and many other manufacturers has produced. Well that time is here.

Whether it is an off-line form, or an on-line form, Ojectif Lune has giving businesses a way to capture paper with technologies like the Anoto Pen with their OL Planet Press Suite of products. Recently they announced the GoFormz module that allows users to take their forms on the go, fill them out, get signatures and then sync up the forms when they get back on WI-FI or right away with broadband access on their smart phone and tablets. Remarkable technology. Copies no longer have to be printed, customers can get a copy through email, or if they do not have email (why I do not understand), they can have one printed. Another copy can be inserted into the Company's network folder structure for Accounts Receivable to process, or deposit it into the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system where complex or simple workflows can be done to approve documents. The possibilities are endless.



  • Link to nearly any host
  • Receive data from most any application
  • Compose/Format a transactional document


  • Logically distribute documents through the cloud, to mobile tablets
  • Capture signatures, changes and actions even when offline
  • Return documents and modifications digitally
  • Provide document status to tablet user



  • Rules based print, fax and email output
  • Dynamically route documents – including to specific tablets
  • Retrieve and process forms data captured on tablets
  • Identify and manage delivery exceptions, trigger other processes
  • Populate ECM and other host systems with data and documents
Lewan Solutions
Written by Lewan Solutions

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