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4 Easy Steps to Create a Network Diagram

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] August 19, 2015

1. Draw a Mock-up

Just like any other document, a preliminary draft can be a huge time saver and allow you to "brain dump" information easily. Draw a network diagram on a whiteboard or on your touchscreen device during a planning session for later reference. You can then use the drawing to supply a prototype for your final diagram.


2. Arrange and Connect Shapes

Do this in a way that will make sense to your audience. For networking diagrams, it’s important to keep device connections simple and only overlap where necessary. Consider colors and the type of stencils you use when creating the diagram. You can get free third party stencils using a good web search. Presenting an organized document vs a messy one can make all the difference!


In addition to organizing your drawing, don’t try to fit everything on one page. There’s nothing more frustrating that trying to decipher a network drawing that’s much too complex for a single page. When creating a network diagram, keep the OSI model in mind and consider breaking your diagram out according to the 7-layer concept.


3. Label, Label, Label

There actually may be something more annoying that having one single page with way too much information – having one single page with not enough information! Whether it’s the obligatory “cloud” stencil or a VLAN segment, do your fellow engineer a favor and add labels, descriptors, text-boxes, to your diagram so that it’s chock full of data they can use to decipher your drawing!


In line with ensuring there’s accurate information attached to the stencils and connectors, it’s greatly beneficial to add a header/footer and possibly a key to your diagram. Most companies have these pre-made by the marketing department. If yours doesn’t or you’re running things all your own, take the initiative to create your own.

4. Make it Yours

Creating networking diagrams may not be everyone’s cup of [insert your favorite type of caffeine here], however adding your own personal touch to your diagram can add a feeling of ownership. Have fun with creating your diagrams as much as your line of work or work environment allows. Some suggestions such as changing the color scheme or font of or using third-part stencils instead of the standard set can really set your work apart.

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Lewan Solutions
Written by Lewan Solutions

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