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Atlantis USX 3.0.1 Release: New Features Update

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] September 10, 2015

Last week Atlantis Computing released the 3.0.1 version of their USX SAN virtualization and acceleration software. So what new features in Atlantis USX 3.0.1 GA should you know about?

What is Atlantis USX?

Atlantis USX is a software-defined storage solution that delivers the performance of an all-flash storage array versus traditional SAN (Storage Area Network) or NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Atlantis USX Flash Storage Array 3.0 ReleasePhoto Credit: Atlantis Computing

Atlantis USX 3.0.1: Snapshots and Replication Arrive

Building on it's existing capabilities to create hybrid RAM/SSD/SAN/DAS shared volumes, 3.0.1 now includes support for native USX snapshots and volume replication. This brings parity for the virtual SAN with most traditional SAN products.

This release also adds support for VMWare vSphere 6.0 VVOLS (Virtual Volumes), which means that USX can not only accelerate your existing storage but can also VVOL enable it.

Read more Atlantis USX 3.0.1 release notes.

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Lewan is also a VMWare Premier Solutions Partner, with certifications including VCP and VCAP-DTD.

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