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What are the Benefits of Managed Print Services? [Infographic]

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Michael Carroll [fa icon="calendar"] May 17, 2016

Think about putting gas in your car for a minute. You go to the gas station...pay for the gas...pump the gas...and when you're done you have a full tank.

Why is that relevant? Well, a good way to understand the benefits of managed print services is to compare it to getting gas for your car.

Your printer needs toner like your car needs gas.

So getting back to the gas analogy...

Instead of just fueling up, what if for the same cost you could pull up to the gas station and an attendant would fuel your car for you, AND change your oil, check your tire pressure, refill your wiper fluid and replace your air filter.

Which would you choose, just gas or gas and a full service tune-up?

The answer is pretty obvious and that’s exactly how managed print services works—full service for the price of just the toner.

For the same cost, and more often less, full service print management companies like Lewan Technology not only supply the toner you need, but also include a support team to call if the device breaks, usage tracking and reporting, and proactive monitoring. And if your toner levels get low, we send a replacement before you even realize it’s time to reorder, or worse, experience downtime.


So question then is—why wouldn't you want to partner with a print management solutions provider?

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Michael Carroll
Written by Michael Carroll

Michael brings 20 years of experience to Lewan. Joining the team as a graphic communications specialist 11 years ago, his contagious positivity and passion for the business quickly developed into a leadership role, giving Michael the opportunity to instill his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of production and managed print solutions in his team. Michael graduated with a BA from Bowling Green State University.

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