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Error Fix: Cisco Spark for Windows Installation Roaming Profile Conflict

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by John Certeza [fa icon="calendar"] April 6, 2017

Cisco Spark is an incredibly cool new cloud-based solution for meetings, messaging and calling (more details in a forthcoming post!), but as with any technology, we run into the occasional error message...

When installing Cisco Spark on a new system, if you encounter a conflict with your roaming profile that prevents the install, here's the fix.

The error I received was: The older version of Cisco Spark cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.


If you click Browse, the installer looks for SparkSetup.msi which is no where to be found on the system.  



Then when you Cancel you get another error message: Cisco Spark Setup Wizard ended prematurely.


The Fix

1. To resolve the issue, open up regedit:


2. Navigate to:


LONG32LETTERKEY is the key associated with your prior Cisco Spark installation. To locate, look for "Cisco Spark" in the ProductName string.


3. Append "_BAK" to this key.


4. Retry your Cisco Spark Installation and you won't have an error this time!


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John Certeza
Written by John Certeza

John is a Systems Engineer on the Managed Services team at Lewan Technology.

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