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Three Handy Administrative Features in VMware vCenter

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] August 24, 2015

Working in VMware vCenter Server daily, these are the top three of the admin features I find most useful:

1. Export Objects in vCenter as a List

  • Click on the vCenter.
  • In the right-hand pane, select the tab which represents the objects you’d like to export.
For example: export a list of VMs
  • Click File > Export > Export List
  • You can save your file in multiple formats. Exporting to .xls or .csv formats allow for easy data manipulation and creating of charts.

Bonus Tip: you can easily export license information from vCenter:

  • Go to Home > Licensing
  • Click on the Export link on the right-hand side and export to the same formats as Export List options provides.

Copy CDP Neighbor Information to Clipboard

  • Click on a desired host.
  • Click the bubble next to the Physical Adapter.
  • The CDP information will appear in a pop-up.
  • Without selecting any text with your mouse, press Ctrl+C.
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the data into your favorite text editor.
Close Out Stale vCenter Client Sessions
  • Go to Home > Administration > Sessions
  • You can see currently active and idle vSphere client sessions on your current vCenter.
  • You can highlight and terminate sessions which have been idle for extended periods of time.

Bonus Tip: From this same page you may enter a MOTD which all users who are currently logged in as well as users who login from the time the MOTD is entered/changed.


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Lewan Solutions
Written by Lewan Solutions

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