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Top 5 Print Governance Solutions Providers

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Lewan Solutions [fa icon="calendar"] December 1, 2016

Guest blog post by DJ Jandl, our Director of Digital Imaging Solutions at Lewan Technology.

I’m often asked by our customers how to save on costs related to printing, copying and faxing. One of the easiest solutions to implement, with cost savings realized almost right out of the gate, is Print Governance. In the last two posts, I shared WHAT Print Governance is and WHY it's an important solution for businesses of any size to implement and then the HOW with the top 10 features and benefits.

The final step is to decide what Print Governance application is right for your business.

Of course, you can also always Contact Us for a complimentary assessment and recommended next steps to implement printing policies or other document workflow solutions that can save money and help improve efficiency, security and business processes.

Top 5 Print Governance Solutions Providers and Lewan Technology Partners

Nuance Equitrac Express, Office or Professional 

lewan-partner-logo-nuance.pngNuance is an industry leader in print governance with universal applications for businesses of every size. Some features that set it apart include I-Queue printing, reporting and integration with scan applications.

Nuance Copitrak

lewan-partner-logo-nuance.pngThis is an ideal solution for the legal industry. Copitrack has done a great job at making the look and feel of printing, copying and scanning the same with this product. It integrates with legal document management and legal systems like Worldox, Needles, Pro Law and Tabs. Excellent for matter numbers, Bates stamping and email integration.

PaperCut NG or MF

lewan-partner-logo-papercut.pngPaperCut is a low cost solution with lots of flexibility and easy setup. They offer print archiving which is unique to their solution. With print archiving, you can see what was printed and save the actual print jobs in PDF format for reprinting by an administrator or for compliance and security so that you can coach users violating print policies. Papercut also has built in mobile printing capabilities for bring your own device (BYOD) printing.

Argos by Sepialine

argos-sepialine.pngArgos is ideal for tracking information at the multi-function, printer or plotter level for construction, engineering, architecture or project-based companies. Most other solutions track at the network print server level or through a local printer client, whereas Argos tracks when jobs complete at the device level.

Xerox PrintSafe

xerox-printsafe.pngPrintSafe is a scaled down option with only authentication and secure print release features. This is a great option if you just need the basics, but if you’re looking for print tracking with reporting down to the user level, this is not the solution for your organization.

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