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"vPOSE" Best Practices for New Technology Adoption

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Todd Johnson [fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2017

It’s increasingly difficult to balance the benefits of technology innovation with the rate at which you and your organization can consume it. We see two primary factors in this:

  1. The increasing rate of technology innovation. Take written communication—papyrus was used for 3000 years before paper, only 400 years came between the printing press and the typewriter, then just 60 years until the computer text editor.
  2. The reality that humans still need time to adopt and adapt. Think about how long it takes to achieve true productivity gains with a new software—first dealing with all of the day one support, then learning how the new system functions, then actually getting the efficiencies that drove you to buy it in the first place. It takes time.

This got us thinking here at Lewan. How can we approach these dynamics in the shoes of our clients to present the reality of technology adoption? We’re calling it vPOSE.

So what is vPOSE?

On a smaller scale, think back to your first smartphone. You likely bought it for it's other uses in addition to just phone calls—reading ebooks, news updates, health apps, calendaring, email, etc. The store didn't do anything but basic setup and maybe showed you how to make calls, store a contact and use the camera at most. You got home, excited to use all the other new features, but…you had to figure out on your own how to download and configure them first.

LEW_IT Chart_vPOSE.png

Alas, at this point, you’re no more productive than before you spent the $500. You have a new phone and all you know how to use it for is to make calls, just like the old one.

That's a very simplified analogy for vPOSE, but hopefully you get the idea. vPOSE recognizes the chasm between new technology and related productivity gains. It’s part expectation setting (“let’s get real”) and part smart planning.



What is the organizational vision and what goals are driving your technology acquisition? Think growth plans, product innovation goals, personnel targets, financial goals and operating metrics.



Implementation of the projects aligning with your vision and goals.



Projects are not the end but the beginning. There’s a recognized need for configuration and fine tuning after even the most successful engagements to ensure you’re getting value from newly implemented solutions.



The building of a support model for the new solutions—personnel, processes and automated monitoring. This is when we take a breather on changes and let users get productive, fix high priority issues, answer questions on use, and build a list of futures.



After the settling-in period, upgrades and new features can be introduced for even more productivity gains. This is when you truly start seeing the full value out of your project investments.

vPOSE is a blend of methodology, automation, expertise and experience. Don’t let your technology run roughshod over your organization and users. But also don’t allow your progress toward goals to suffer by not taking advantage of the right technology.

What have your experiences been implementing new technologies? Have you seen the same challenges? How do you drive adoption and productivity? 

Since I'm sharing this concept with all of you, you can use it on your own when introducing new technology into your business, but don't forget we're experts at this! Before your next project or upgrade, Contact Us to learn how we can help take the burden off you and your team.

Topics: Managed Services, Virtualization, IT Solutions

Todd Johnson
Written by Todd Johnson

Todd is VP of Business Consulting. Since joining Lewan in 2005, Todd’s time has been spent on the growth and development of Lewan's technology services capabilities for managed services and projects. He likes to keep one foot on the business side and the other in technology, helping clients bridge the gap. He has a passion for instilling client empathy throughout Lewan. Prior to Lewan, Todd’s career has included time at Accenture, a couple of managed services start-ups, and other consultancies. His hobbies are anything that include long, suffering bike rides and foot races.

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