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3 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Managed Print Services companies

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[fa icon="pencil'] Posted by Michael Carroll [fa icon="calendar"] September 21, 2016

When considering a managed print services provider, here are three key questions you need to ask to ensure superior service and support.

1. How will you support my business?

When I say the “support,” I don't simply mean technicians that will service your broken printer.

Companies spend an average of 1-3% of annual revenue on document output costs.
—Gartner Group

A managed print solutions provider should have the support infrastructure to track the usage of the existing printing fleet. This is critical, as it determines billing and invoicing accuracy. Having the necessary resources on the back end to do this will remove work from your plate, rather than create more.


Lewan's Managed Print Services Infrastructure View

2. Do you have a proven track record?

Again, it’s all about the infrastructure behind the scenes. I encourage anyone considering any type of managed service to visit the provider for a tour to inspect the support staff, the software utilized, processes and workflows in place to support a customer base.

Currently Lewan Technology’s managed print program supports 32,000+ devices in the Rocky Mountain region. Over 18,000 of those we monitor electronically. We wouldn’t offer this service if didn’t have the infrastructure and resources in place to get it right and offer a world class level of service to our customers.

3. Will you complete a baseline assessment?

Managed print services companies should have the resources to put together a complete understanding of your organizations current environment. Unfortunately, many providers will try to win your business based on a short-term plan to lower transactional costs, but without a long-term strategy to print more efficiently and less.

Your assessment should include:

  1. A detailed map of your current print environment using a digital mapping application.


Our business analysts use an iPad application to quickly document and map your current print environment.

  1. A dedicated analyst specializing in nothing other than evaluating print environments. (We have eight business analysts.)
  2. An immediate plan of action AND a long-term strategy to print more efficiently and less.
The average customer is printing 25% of their color volumes from e-mail and Internet browsers. —Print Audit
  1. A comprehensive usage trends report with metrics including:
  • Unique models supported
  • Unique manufacturers supported
  • Color printing as a % of total volume
  • Ink jet printers as a % of fleet
  • % of total volume printed on desktop printers
  • Desktop color print volume as a % of total color printing
  • % of fleet with life count of 500k+
  • Non-networked devices as a % of fleet
  • % of total volume printed on MFDs
  • Average monthly print volume (mono & color)
  • Average monthly print volume (color)
  • Average monthly print volume (mono)
  • Employee to device ratio
  • Total number of desktop printers
  • Total number of multifunction devices

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Contact Us for a free assessment and recommendations for a print management solutions strategy that will save you money and improve the efficiency of your employees.

Lewan Technology, a Xerox Company, is headquartered in Denver, CO and provides managed print services, managed technology services, IT solutions, document and printer solutions.

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Michael Carroll
Written by Michael Carroll

Michael brings 20 years of experience to Lewan. Joining the team as a graphic communications specialist 11 years ago, his contagious positivity and passion for the business quickly developed into a leadership role, giving Michael the opportunity to instill his entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of production and managed print solutions in his team. Michael graduated with a BA from Bowling Green State University.

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